Welcome to the official website of Rogue Barrister. With one division dedicated to music production & promotion and a second division focused on hand crafted malted beverages, Rogue Barrister is designed to be the common thread between astute music listeners and connoisseurs of fine tastes. Thank you for visiting our website, be sure to browse around and take in the sights and sounds.

  • Summer Solstice Festival

    Come see some of the best new artists in the Country as Rogue Barrister Records and Three Angels Brewing Present The Summer Solstice Festival. This one of a kind event is presented in the historic downtown district of Yorkville, IL overlooking the scenic Fox River.

    Located only 1 hour outside of Chicago this small community…

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    Summer Solstice Festival
  • Live Music

    Live Music

    Music makes the world go round and we believe that artists who make a commitment to travel this great country with passion and perseverance need as much support as possible.

    Through our family of Rogue Barrister supporters we strive to provide friendly accommodations to artists in exchange for the honor of experiencing …

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  • Craft Beer

    Great music should be experienced with great beer and great beer should be enjoyed while listening to great music.

    Our partnership with Three Angels Brewing will always exist to make sure that one does not exist without the other.

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    Craft Beer
  • Promotional Services

    Promotional Services

    In this day and age of music media artists need any extra advantage to separate themselves from the dizzying array of music available to the casual listener.

    Rogue Barrister employs a network of contacts and goodwill gained through years of living and working by one simple motto: Success is not truly measured by how much…

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  • Concerts


    Conceiving and producing live music carries with it the immense responsibility of providing both the artists and the fans a truly enjoyable experience.

    By uniting talented artists with astute audiences in unique environments we hope to convey a sense that each and every event will be a moment in time to be cherished and never reproduced.

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What’s Shakin’…

Rogue Barrister is currently gearing up for a busy summer of live music events in Yorkville. For the second year Rogue Barrister will be teaming with Three Angels Brewing, The City of Yorkville, and the Yorkville Area Chamber of Commerce to bring to you “Summer Solstice”

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Our To Do List.

From brewing handmade craft beers and spirits, to homegrown Artist promotion and production, Rogue Barrister is set on weaving Americana into a niche of its own.

Promotional Services
Promotional Services
That start with the constant quest to bridge the gap between talented musicians and the audiences that appreciate their gift...and end with righteous music.
A Unique Aspect
A Unique Aspect
Rogue Barrister has the ability to provide top notch legal service for its clients in a manner which seeks to maximize cooperative effort and minimize costly out of pocket expenditures.